Beavis Cat Eye Care 50ml

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Cat eye cleaning solution


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Perfect eye structure of the cats plays a major role in their ability to survive in the nature as a perfect predator. While we have a 180-degree of vision, the cats have a FOV of 200 degrees. Contrary to popular belief, the cats do not see in black and white. Although the colors are a little more pastel and pale in their eyes, this predator family having the night vision capability can see 6 times better in the dark, than we do. Having such a special talent throughout their natural life has been one of the most basic elements that facilitate their survival. It is recommended by the experts to remove the gums and stains formed due to dirt, dust and secretion piled up over time around the eyes of our lovely friends with whom we share the same universe. The eye area of our friends, who cannot call their needs and discomforts as we do, should be checked and cleaned regularly and this procedure should be repeated depending on the density and severity of the dirt. We recommend that you do this by wrapping your cat in a towel, as it may show some reaction during the procedure. During the cleaning, we recommend that you do it towards the opposite direction of the eye, by using a piece of cotton. You can use Beavis® Eye Care eye cleaning and care solution regularly, for the motivation and health of our cute friend


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