Beavis Dogs Multivitamin 10 in 1 100 Tablets

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Multivitamin Tablets for dogs of all breeds


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Product Description


Beavis® Multi Vitamin 10 in 1 is developed for adult dogs in order to enable them to lead a healthier life and to support their immune systems at the maximum level. 10 in 1, a combination of Vitamins and Amino Acids, contains the ingredients that provide our friends with special care, from stress management to eyesight to skin and hair health to cholesterol balance and kidney stabilization at a maximum level. This formula, which is effective against dry skin, hair loss and itching, also helps to prevent age-related diseases to a great extent. In female dogs, it plays an important role in the health of mothers especially during the pregnancy, as well as in the birth of the puppies healthily. 10 in 1 that contains a special biotin component also helps our cute friend to enjoy a shiny and healthy hair structure


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