Beavis Purify Anti Hairball Paste Cats 100ml

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Beavis® With Purify Anti Hairball Paste which contains natural and special ingredients ensures that the hairballs piled up in their stomach and intestines are excreted safely, allowing them to lead a long and happy life.


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Product Description


Cats spend almost a third of their lives licking themselves, and they don’t do it just for cleaning. Thanks to the antiseptic substances in their saliva, they also get sterilized and get rid of any parasites and dirt in their hair in this way. Even when they are touched by humans, they simply lick and wipe off the human smell, because scent is one of the most important communication tools for cats. Therefore, they have to smell like a cats. Their hair should always be smooth, so they get protection against both cold and heat. It is of vital importance to discharge the hairballs piled up in the stomach and intestines of our friends, who spend most of their lives licking themselves


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