Beavis Purify Urin Vitamin C Complex For Dogs 40 Tablets

SKU: BVS-007


Consisting of natural vitamin C ingredients like cranberry extract, Beavis® Purify Urin (C) Complex helps to eliminate any bacterial infections that may occur in the urinary tract of dogs, effectively in the most natural way


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Product Description


Purify Urin, which contains high levels of vitamin C as proanthocyanidin (PAC) antioxidant, removes the harmful bacteria in the intestines by boosting the immune system resistance and helps with the dogs’ urinary tract health at an optimum level by promoting the formation of useful flora. Beavis® Purify Urin (C) Complex, which helps to eliminate the problems in the urinary system of the dogs in the most natural way, acts as a protective barrier for the urinary tract health of our lovely friends


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