Beavis Growth Care Follow-On Milk Puppies 200gr

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Growth Milk for Puppies


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Product Description


Puppies are suckled by their mothers for 45 – 65 days from birth, during which their first development stages begin. We provide the first development stage of the baby dogs separated from their mothers early, perfectly with Beavis® Follow-on Milk that we developed closest to the breast milk, using the natural ingredients, by our experts. Beavis® Follow-on Milk is recommended by all experts for puppies to become healthier grownup dogs. Supporting the pregnant and breastfeeding dogs with follow-on milk is highly important for their own and babies’ health. You can ensure that your underfed friends can get a balanced and healthier body structure by supporting them with Beavis® Follow-on Milk as recommended by your physician. In its special starch-free and lactose-containing composition closest to breast milk, Beavis® Follow-on Milk contains carefully selected and highly digestible proteins


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